Daniel Neill

supernatural2Daniel Neill

From the link: http://www.vaticancrimes.us/2013/05/young-man-raped-by-priest-joseph.html

Young man raped by priest Joseph Gallagher commits suicide due to lack of justice.

Philadelphia, USA — Priest Joseph Gallagher was “suspended” for raping a minor, who then committed suicide.

Daniel Neill committed suicide. And he did not do it for the sole reason of being sexually abused by the Catholic priest Joseph Gallagher, but because he confirmed that both the civil and religious authorities dismissed his accusation and raised the abuse suffered at the maximum power. He took his own life not by the pain caused by sodomy that he suffered under the robe of the Catholic priest but because everyone keeps their eyes closed and participate as silent accomplices before the Great Harlot (Vatican).

And what was priest Gallagher’s sentence for being a pedophile? To be permanently dismissed from the “Ministry” of idolatry and Catholic religiosity. But so far, not one night has he spent in jail. The same thing has occurred with the pedophile priest Mark Gaspar and Bishop Richard Powers… and 26 other perverted priests.

About the dismissals, the attorney of the family of Daniel Neill, Marci Hamilton, said: “.. .our only problem is that too much time passed…” Daniel committed suicide in less than a year after he was told that his accusation could not be demonstrated”. Hamilton also represents two other victims who were raped and abused by the priest Gallagher.

In Philadelphia most of the pedophiles priests who are publicly exposed have already died and those who remain have been “withdrawn” or carry a “life of prayer and Penance”.

And you, dear reader, what do think of this? It is enough to “dismiss” the pedophile priests? Is it enough punishment to “remove” them from exercising their “priesthood”? It is enough that the “sentence” only comes from religious authorities or should the secular courts and civil criminal laws apply?

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