Eduardo Ramon Boehland

supernatural2Eduardo Ramon Boehland

Eduardo Ramon Boehland
Eduardo Ramon Boehland

It’s been a very big loss. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Eduardo, Barbara Boehland said.

Boehland’s son, Eduardo Ramon, committed suicide back in 1997. She says he did it because of sexual abuse by a priest.

He was sexually assualted by a catholic priest named Carlos Lozano, in San Antonio Texas at the age of 16.

Barbara Garcia Boehland said after a San Antonio priest abused her son Eduardo twice in 1993 at a seminary boarding school he changed dramatically. “He had a lot of nightmares, on going nightmares, he couldn’t trust people, constantly scared, could never eat. We constantly went to therapy sessions. He just became somebody else he wasn’t,” Boehland said. Just four years after his abuse, 20-year-old Eduardo killed himself in 1997.

‘I remember falling to my knees and crying because it didn’t happen at my house. It happened at my grandparents’ house where he hung himself, Boehland said.

Boehland says the Catholic Church needs to be held accountable. She’s part of a nationwide group that supports survivors of religous sexual abuse.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)petitioned the International Criminal Court to investigate its 84-page legal complaint that the pope and several cardinals knowingly condoned sexual abuse and did very little, if anything, to stop it.

I have a lot of faith in God that his trial will happen and the church will pay for all that they have been hiding… all this scandal, Boehland said.

The court has yet to take action on SNAP’s complaint. It was originally filed back in 2011.

But to increase support for its cause, SNAP’s leadership made its way to Vatican City to attempt to ask Pope Benedict, before he steps down Thursday, to provide police with any records that the Catholic Church might have involving sex crimes by its priests.

Boehland hopes this fresh push for accountability can help others avoid the pain she’s endured for the past 15 years.

Some of the days are harder. Holidays. He and I share the same month of birthday. Four days seperate us. He’s January 4th. Mine is the 8th, she said. It’s really hard to celebrate a loss. Any parent who’s lost a child knows exactly how I feel.

A local woman believes there are striking similarities between a sexual abuse scandal involving a former Penn State University assistant football coach and an alleged cover-up of sex abuse cases by the Catholic Church.

Barbara Garcia-Boeland is the local president of a group called, SNAP, or Support Network for Those Who’ve Been Abused by Priests.

Her own son, Eduardo, was among many people worldwide who accused the Catholic Church of covering up cases of sexual abuse involving its priests.

Eduardo committed suicide in 1997 at the age of 20 — four years after she said he was sexually assaulted by a priest at a local seminary.

“There’s shame, embarrassment. You feel guilt,” said Garcia-Boehland, explaining what might cause victims to end their own lives. She said she fears a similar fate could befall some of the alleged victims in this latest scandal.

“Keeping this a secrecy thing, in order not to scar the university or scar their own names, or embarrassment. Well, what do they think these victims feel?” Garcia-Boehland said.

She said she plans to continue working through her organization to make sure there are no future cover-ups. One way, she said, is through encouraging the victims not to remain silent.

“This thing happens all the time but it has to come to a stop,” said Garcia-Boehland. “Hopefully, they’ll find the courage to tell somebody.”

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